Business Broadband Internet is the engine powering the operations of businesses worldwide. From cloud services to Unified Communications, broadband is what makes fast, uninterrupted business operations possible. Read on to learn more about broadband’s benefits and what to consider before upgrading your connection.

The Benefits of Business Broadband Internet

In a nutshell, business broadband is a very fast and persistent connection to the Internet. Broadband connection supports Cloud computing, as well as applications including web-hosting and videoconferencing. The speed of business broadband allows a company to be permanently connected to the Internet, saving a business time and, therefore, money. VoiceOver IP (VoIP) calls are clearer, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are more responsive. Not only is broadband fast, it can be more affordable than expected. A variety of options are available to suit any budget, and the most affordable offer high-speed transmissions for the same price or less as older connectivity solutions.

Network Considerations in Using Broadband Internet

Before adopting broadband to fully support business operations, the health of your local network should be evaluated. Your local network needs to be robust enough to handle increased traffic and data. Not only should it be free of bottlenecks, it needs to be secure, without any weak spots through which data can be lost or compromised. Furthermore, permanent access to the Internet can open your network to cyberattacks. A firewall, though not the only mode of protection, can be a start. The standard protections of current anti-malware and antivirus definitions can help, along with constant network monitoring. Whether occurring remotely or on-site, monitoring of your network can help spot weak spots and bottlenecks, and deter cyberattacks before they occur. To determine if your business’s local network is ready for accelerated speed and constant connection, have your network evaluated to determine its health. 

To discuss how business broadband can help you achieve your business’s goals, what solution or set of solutions will work best for your budget, and to get an evaluation of your network’s health, contact your trusted technology advisor today.

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